Sa Calobra (Coll de Ca Els Reis)                                         

Km:  26   – Difficulty: High  – Approximate duration:  1.30 h.

Points of interest:  Sa Calobra & Torrent de Pareis. 

If we want to add beauty and duress to the Puig Major stretch, the option to head down to La Calobra along a winding road with some considerably steep sections – an average incline of 8.8% and dropping 880 metres in 10km – should not be missed. The turnoff from the MA-10 is well signposted.

Sa Calobra
Sa Calobra

We take the MA-2141 and begin a short but challenging ascent towards the Ca Els Reis peak along its shorter slope (3km).

After reaching the summit, we begin our descent along the winding road cut into the rocks.

Shortly after beginning the descent, we take a 360º bend, known as “La Corbata’s Knot”, from where we will enjoy spectacular views of the sea, followed by equally impressive views of Puig Major.

Torrent de Pareis, Sa Calobra
Torrent de Pareis

Once we have arrived in Sa Calobra, a visit to the Torrent de Pareis is an absolute must, and is also the end of one of Mallorca’s most beautiful walking routes.

The ascent is gentler to begin with, but as the Mediterranean vegetation grows thinner, the inclines get steeper, with these 4km being very hard indeed: an average of a 10% incline with stretches of 13% or more.

We recommend that this route is not climbed in the afternoon during summer months, because its orientation and the lack of shade for the large part of the ascent make it even harder, if that were possible.

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