Pont d’Inca – Bunyola – Coll d’Honor – Orient – Alaró – Tofla – Lloseta – Inca – Sineu – Costitx – Sencelles – Santa María – Pont d’Inca. 

Km: 92,170 – Difficulty: Easy – Approximate duration: 4 h.

Points of interest:

• Bunyola, Orient, Coll d’Honor, Alaró.
• Sineu, Santa María.


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 We depart from Pont d’Inca, 5 km from the  centre  of  Palma,  along  Cabana  street and turning left along the MA-2031, MA-2032 and  MA-2020  to  Bunyola.  From  here,  we take  the  PM-210,  a  windy  road  that  leads through  a  dense  stretch  of  Mediterranean vegetation,  primarily  Holm  oaks  and  pines.

After reaching the top of Coll d’Honor, we set off through a wide valley towards Orient. This  village  is  an  unmissable  stop.  From here, we begin a rapid and beautiful descent towards Alaró, with the Serra de Alfabia on the  left  and  the  Puig  d’Alaró  on  our  right, at  the  top  of  which  there  is  a  castle  of  the same name. Without entering the village, we take the MA-2110 in the direction of Lloseta.

After overcoming the slightly difficult stretch at Tofla, we pass the village and continue in the direction of Inca. From here, we have two options: the MA-3240, quite well travelled, or head  along  the  MA-3440  towards  Santa Margalida and, after about 500 metres, cut off to join the Camí Vell de Muro, a quieter route through far prettier surroundings. We continue  in  the  direction  of  Llubí,  but  take the right and keep on until Sineu.

There we can rest a while and regain our strength in the “La Voltadora” bar where, if we so desire, we can copy the great cyclist champions  on  the  Balearic  Island  circuit.  

We leave Sineu along the MA-3141 towards Palma,  turning  after  4  km  or  so  towards Costitx, along the Camí des Rafelet walking route. From here, following the MA-3121 and MA-3030  we  will  pass  Sencelles  first  and then Santa María. After Santa María, albeit along the busy MA-13, we begin a gentle descent towards the starting point.

We  recommend  you  try  wines from  the  Binissalem-Mallorca  Denomination  of  Origin.  These  wines come exclusively, as is right, from those regional vineyards that are registererd within the DO’s Wine Register. The quality of the wines protected  by  this  DO  is  internationally recognised.