Ingredients:Monkfish and cabbage bake• 100 g. of diced Mallorcan sobrasada  • 8 pieces of boneless monkfish, each weighing 60 grams  • 30 g. of pine-nuts  • 30 g. of raisins  • 8 cabbage leaves, minus the nerve, cut into pieces  • 0.5 dl. of white wine  • A finely chopped onion  • 2 finely chopped cloves of garlic  • 200 g. of tomato pulp

• 200 g. of milk cap mushrooms, broken into pieces  • 100 g. of peas  • A spoonful of parsley  • 2 dl. of olive oil

Monkfish and cabbage bake

Season the pieces of monkfish. Flour the fish and fry it in oil in a frying pan, making sure that it does not turn brown. Put the fish on a plate once it is fried. Fry the garlic and onion in the remaining oil in a clay baking dish. Add the tomato, sobrasada, cabbage, pine-nuts, raisins and parsley.

Five minutes later, add the white wine and leave the mixture to cook until the liquid has evaporated to half the original amount. Add the milk cap mushrooms and the peas.

Three minutes later, add a glass of water and the seasoning. Leave it to cook about ten minutes longer until the cabbage is cooked. Add the pieces of monkfish a few minutes before you remove the dish from the heat. Put a bed of cabbage on each plate and a piece of fish on top.

Garnish it with some potatoes and pour a few spoonfuls of the sauce around it all.