Mallorca Fruits - majorcan almond -GourmetThe Fruits Secs group launched the Mallorca Fruits trademark in 2010 in an effort to defend the interests of the over 3,000 Mallorcan almond producers.

To this end, It distributes and merchandizes an innovative and exclusive quality product that is supported by the government of the Balearic Islands with a quality seal called the “Ametla Mallorquina” (Mallorcan Almond), which will allow the product to be sustained over time and guarantee the characteristics that distinguish the almond from others and make it unique.

Mallorcan almond

The trademark is sold by 60 stores located in Palma, Alcúdia, Pollença, Artà, Fornalutx, Valldemossa, Deià, Sóller and Sineu.

The Mallorcan almond possesses specific qualities that distinguish it from almonds with other origins, such as being very sweet and oily. A staple of the Mediterranean diet, its consumption contributes to combating medical conditions such as osteoporosis, cholesterol and diabetes, and serves as an important source of vitamins and minerals.

The Mallorca Fruits trademark offers customers a wide variety of over 20 almond-based products and by-products, which are sorted  into  six  categories:  gourmet, pastries, industrial, gifts, snacks and packs.

The group is fomenting a series of commercial alliances with big name brands in the tourism sector and the food services sector Meliá Hotels International, Air Nostrum, Macià Batle…) and has launched a new line of healthy products that are sugar-free, gluten-free and have almond milk.

Participation in trade fairs is considered a relevant factor. The group attended the International confectionary Trade Fair in cologne (germany) for the second time in 2012, and attended the Barcelona Degusta fair for the first time in December.

majorcan almonds