Prawns with Mahón cheese, Tomeu Caldentey's recipeIngredients:
• 32 large prawns  • 1 tablespoon chopped spring onion  • ½ golden apple  • 2 grapes  • salt and oil  • 75 g. cured Mahón cheese  • 150 ml. water
• 1 l. water  • ½ carrot  • ½ onion  • parsley  • saffron  • 250 g. tapioca

Prawns with Mahón cheese, Tomeu Caldentey's recipe

Prawn stock:
Peel the prawns, make the stock using the heads and shells of the prawns, sliced carrots, onion, parsley and saffron, cook on a slow heat for one hour, strain and reheat. When the stock begins to boil, add the tapioca stock, cook on a slow heat until the liquid acquires a custard-like consistency, set aside until cold.

For the Mahón cheese sauce:
Grate 75 g. Mahón cheese, heat 150 ml. water, monitor the temperature of the water and heat to 60º C. Add the grated cheese and remove from the heat. Crush the mixture in a blender, leave it to settle for 24 hours in the fridge.

Season the prawns with salt and brown them in a hot pan with a small amount of olive oil. Put the browned prawns en the centre of the plate, with diced golden apples and grapes. Pour spoonfuls of warm stock over the prawns, and then add the Mahón cheese sauce.

Bon Appetite!
Tomeu Caldentey