Es Capdellà is a charming village in Calvià. The traditional houses are all well cared for, with pretty, little front gardens.


Es Capdellà, Puig Vermell, Mallorca


The Camí del Graner del Delme is a lane just some 500m outside of Es Capdellà, on the road to Galilea, just off to the left on the bend in the road.


This is not a long hike, just a pleasant walk that gives us a great view of Galatzó.

We take a dirt path surrounded by fields with almond, carob, fig and loquat trees.

Almost right at the beginning of our walk we will see the Delme Granary. This is a stone building that the farmers would have filled with grain to pay the owner of the land they were working.


Es Capdellà, Graner del Delme, Mallorca


There is a fork in the path next to the Graner del Delme: one part circles the Puig Vermell hill, and the other takes us to the west end of Es Capdellà, passing by a well.

The end of the lane is the beginning of the dry-Stone Wall route, which does require better physical condition.


Es Capdellà, Son Claret, Galatzó, Mallorca