torrent-de-na-mora-mallorcaThe Torrent de na Móra is surrounded by spectacular limestone formations and arid peaks, passing between the Bàlitx and Moncaire mountains..

it flows through the spectacular Bàlitx d’Avall estate that dates back to the 13th century and boasts magnificent houses, a watchtower, a chapel and a variety of autochthonous animals that breed here as well as its radiant orange trees.

The descent can begin from the houses at Bàlitx D’Avall, if we have a four wheel drive vehicle, or from the Ses Barques look out point (km 44,8 of the Soller- Lluc road). It is a magnificent trek, between olive groves and forests with holm oaks and pine trees, but it can be a long trek, specially on the way back, after the arduous trip along the torrent de na Móra.

torrent-de-na-mora-mallorca-balitx-horsesThe adventure provided by the torrent de na Móra is exciting, fun and varied. It forces us to use different techniques such as climbing, rappelling, tobogganing, well jumping, etc. We must always go well equipped with a harness, helmet and wet suit to keep us warm, as this is excursion is only allowed outside the summer months, to preserve the survival of endangered species that dwell in the area, such as the Ferreret, a small species of toad that is considered to be a living fossil, and together with the black vulture one of the conservation emblems of the Serra de Tramuntana.