Pancuit is our garlic soup, it is a dish that gradually disappeared from our home’s tables and now has become just a memory of the past.

It is very easy to make, as are so many of our traditional dishes. This humble dish is made from leftover dry bread, that was wisely used to make a tasty soup with some garlic, tomato and water, and whenever available, eggs were added.

To reclaim this delicious dish, we are visiting the Joan Marc restaurant in Inca, home to one of today’s chefs who most identifies with traditional Majorcan cuisine. The pancuit he prepares is true to its roots and has no variations.

Save the Pancuit, Mallorcan recipe.

Joan Marc’s Pancuit Recipe

Add olive oil and thyme to a pan, meanwhile heat up the water. When the oil is hot remove the herbs and sauté the peeled garlic. Remove it and crush it with a pestle and mortar. In the same oil, sauté the grated tomatoes, immediately adding the bread, chopped into large chunks.

When the bread has absorbed the oil and is well sautéed, add the paprika, then the boiling water, let it cook for 5 minutes. It is important that the bread is soft but that it doesn’t fall apart. Add the crushed garlic and salt. Turn of the heat and add the beaten eggs to the soup. Stir so it all binds before serving.

The Pancuit is a dish that can be adapted. For example, you can substitute the water with stock, the bread with Inca biscuits, and add vegetables. The result will always be the same: a simple, delicious Majorcan dish. Enjoy!

Pancuit: traditional recipe from Mallorca