The Hamlet of Jornets is situated in Sencelles, Mallorca.

The farmstead dates back to the 15th century, but it was in the 18th century that it experienced its strongest growth thanks to the cultivation of wine.

During this period, the owners ceded small plots of land to the homestead’s workers and thus began to turn into a small rural center.

Phylloxera brought a drastic end to the cultivation of grapevines at the end of the 19th century.

The Hamlet of Jornets is situated in Sencelles, Mallorca.

Agricultural and livestock activity continued, but the number of residents decreased significantly.

Today, Jornets still has all of its hereditary and ethnological charm from past centuries, which is a reason why it was declared a site of cultural interest (a category of the Spanish Heritage Register, Spanish: BIC – Bien de Interés Cultural) in August 2009.

The ownership of the estate has remained in the hands of the Planas Gual de Torrella family. On a stroll down its streets, you will spot a score of houses and a large number of adjacent spaces for agriculture.

The extraordinary estate building, where the coat of arms of the Llabrés of Jornets appears, sticks out among them.

Foreigners, who didn’t hesitate to settle down in this area that is surrounded by extensive acres of agricultural crops, oak groves and olive groves, and that is close to the major population centers of  Pla de Mallorca, are among the current owners of the houses.

Jornets extra virgin olive oil, which has been protected under a designation of origin with the name “ Oli de Mallorca ” since 2003, is cultivated on the estate. 

The Hamlet of Jornets is situated in Sencelles, recaptures the vivid history of Mallorca.