The calm that is now enjoyed in S’Arracó is in contrast with its violent and adventurous past, when it was refuge for exiles and the scene of bloody encounters and raids from Muslim pirates.




S’Arracó is very close to the Port of Andratx and has managed to ward off the strong tourist developments seen in other towns of the municipality.

During the Arab period there were various farmhouses in the area. It’s Church, the Iglesia del Sant Christ, is made up by a small nave divided by four arches, with three chapels at each side.

Inside we find the baroque altarpiece that is dedicated to Santo Cristo, as well as an altarpiece of the Mare de Déu de la Trapa (Virgin Mary). There is a small market every Saturday just in front of the church.

S'Arracó, Mallorca. Town.

S’Arraco´s architecture features traditional Majorcan houses, with small gardens and vegetable patches, money earned from emigration allows us to see some samples of modernist architecture. The decline of the wood and soap industry caused a wave of emigration to Cuba and France.

The town’s main street is called França, in honour of the place where many achieved material prosperity, allowing them to return home and build their stately houses.

S'Arracó, Mallorca. Church.

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