Conserving one of the most iconic spaces on the Serra de Tramuntana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is something we all must do, which is why we regulate traffic at the Formentor lighthouse during the summer.

The 2018 Pilot Mobility Plan reduced the flow of visitors during peak hours by 90% or, in other words, from 300 to 20 vehicles during peak hours. All of us at the different administrations involved in managing this space (Council of Majorca, the Balearic Islands government, the Pollença Town Council, Ports of Balearics and DGT) have decided to work together to conserve the essence of the Formentor lighthouse and commit to a sustainable and safe visit that lets the peacefulness of the surroundings be preserved and the unique experience it represents for visitors.

Faro de Formentor
Faro de Formentor

What is the regulated period?

15 June to 15 September 2019 from 10 am to 7 pm.

Which sections of road?

Driving on Carretera de Formentor (Ma-2210) is restricted along the 11 kilometres connecting Formentor Beach to the lighthouse, KM 8.7 to KM 19.6. Unauthorised vehicles cannot drive after this point, which is why we recommend that visitors leave their cars at the car parks at the Port of Pollença that are detailed below:

  1. Roundabout at the entry of the Port de Pollença (Ma-2200)
  2. Vicenç Buades Street, next to the covered swimming pool

Which vehicles can drive there?

  • Public transport managed by the Balearic government.
  • Residents and vehicles that transport people with reduced mobility (authorisation must be requested in advance).
  • Service, rescue, medical, emergency and security force vehicles.
  • Cyclists and pedestrians.

Access banned to these vehicles

  • Private vehicles without authorisation
  • Motorbikes
  • Lorries

How can I request authorisation?

Residents and vehicles transporting people with reduced mobility must send an email in advance to the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) at

What happens if I drive there without authorisation?

A number plate detector will record all the vehicles moving in the restricted area from 10 am to 7 pm and will send the information to the Traffic Management Centre and Automated Fine Handling Centre to file the pertinent report and fine.

How do I get to the lighthouse?

Visitors can take the bus managed by Balearic Islands Transport (TIB), which departs from the Port of Pollença. The bus stops at the Formentor Beach and at the lighthouse.
Information on timetables and tickets prices can be viewed on the TIB website: Transport de les Illes Balears (tib).

Where can I park my vehicle?

Private vehicles can park at the free car parks surrounding the Port of Pollença bus station, from where you can take bus L-353, at any of its three stops, which runs to the lighthouse, as well as on the roundabout at the entry to Formentor just before starting the ascent to the peninsula.

Mapa BUS y Parking acceso Faro de Formentor
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