fotos_ruta_calicantSant Llorenç des Cardessar – Petra – Ariany – Santa Margalida – Son Serra de Marina – Sant Llorenç des Cardessar. 

Km:   74,379 – Difficulty:  Easy – Approximate duration: 3:30 h.


Points of interest:

• Petra, Museu de Fray Juníper Serra (museum).
• Els molins i cases rurals de la zona.
• S’Avall, Torrent de Na Borges.
• Sa Cànova, Son Serra de Marina i Son Real.

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We enter the region of Serra de Llevant via the Camí de Calicant (MA-3323). Instead of passing through Manacor we take the Camí de Son Ramón. We turn right and take the road of S’Avall, where Mallorca’s longest and mightiest river Torrent de Na Borges flows.


This area embraces a surface of 3,044 hectares and was declared a nature reserve. The area is dominated by wild olive trees and a fauna of red partridge, as well as the Greek turtle (Testudo graeca), the genet and the marten stand out. After a few sharp curves, we arrive at the M-3330. We now turn left towards Petra and without entering the village we take the Camí de Son Reixach, which leads us toAriany, a little town that has been independent since 1982. We leave this place via the road MA- 3340 and soon take the Camí Vell de Sta. Margalida. Then we continue on the MA-3400, which takes us through a rough territory towards the cross-roads of Alcudia-Artà, after crossing the Torrent de Son Real. Finally we can rest on the beach of Son Serra de Marina, which is situated between the beaches of Sa Cànova and Son Real. On the way back, we turn right after two kilometres in order to take up the Camí de Calicant again, which will lead us back to our starting point.