Some summits are the symbols of villages. The Puig de Montisión is one of those for the village Porreres. Precisely for the porrerencs, the inhabitants of this village but also for people from elsewhere, it is the symbolism of Montision which bestows this unique place with its great charm.

In order to reach the summit of Monte de Montisión, tourists coming from Palma should make course towards Llucmajor and after that drive to Campos, from where they can take the road that leads to the municipal area of Porreres and finally to the Sanctuary of Montisión.

On the way towards Porreres, the visitors can contemplate two kinds of landscapes, which are extremely different. 

Halfway between Campos and Porreres, we find Es Monjos on a slope with a considerably high drop, where we can amaze ourselves at the sight of a huge date palm. Once we pass by the houses of Possessió de Es Monjos, red fields full of almond trees turn into stony land and sown fields with old vineyards are scattered with limestones. The moment we make our way towards Sa Costa de Es Monjos, between vineyards and vine shoots, the Puig de Montisión reveals its entire beauty to the visitor’s eyes.