We head towards the road leading up to Pouet plain; the road is in bad condition and we have to ascend on foot. After the Pouet plain it is easier going, and we can continue on to “Ses Artigues” plain and the peak, Puig Caragolí, and then stop for a break at Coll de Son Gallard.





From an elevation of 700 metres, we have a long descent ahead of us down towards S’Estaca Port, at sea level. On the downwards journey, we make several stops to visit the Viewpoints that Archduke Lluís Salvador of Austria ordered built. These viewpoints, and their views, are an absolute must. We stop at five in total, a couple of which are very run down and we can see the work they carried out back then. They are situated at strategic points in order to take full advantage of the tranquillity of these spots.


Upon arrival at S’Estaca Port, we have a sense of being in another time. It is a old fishing village, and all of the houses remain in their original state. Once we have had a look around and taken photos, it is time to begin the ascent, passing by the houses owned by Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Then, after arriving at the Valldemossa Port motorway, we just have to continue the ascent by road until we reach the cars.