Valldemossa, Mallorca

Valldemossa is part of the Tramuntana Valley, rich in springs and surrounded by abundant and luxuriant vegetation.

The village has charming, narrow, steep streets, the birth home of Santa Catalina Thomás is also still preserved.


The village of Valldemossa is closely linked to La Cartuja, a monastery that dates back to the 14th century. Around the year 1300, King Jaume  the 2nd, built himself a small palace that he later gave to his son King Sancho, who not long afterwards donated it to the Carthusian monks so they could settle in it. The Cartuja or monastery was later built, attached to the palace, both buildings still stand today.

Apart from famous guests like Chopin and George Sand, many important people spent time in the Cartuja; Rubén Darío, Jovellanos, Santiago Rusiñol and many others. Today many famous artists and painters choose Valldemossa as their home.

Valldemosa really is a charming village that has been able to preserve the style and feel from bygone centuries. Some of the oldest houses maintain their original facades,  some of these crowned with masonic symbols, a sign that this town for centuries has been home to artists and the most enlightened of visitors.

Valldemossa, Mallorca



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