Ingredients for 2 people:
• 1  Scorpian fish  •  2 middle potatoes  • 1  teaspoon coffee  •  5 big mushrooms  • 3  wildmushrooms  • 1  buch of spinach  • 2  scallops  • 2  Prawns  • 1  spoon capers  • 1  young onion  •  Oliverio, salt, pepper, butter




Scale the fish, remove the innards and fillet portions, you should also remove the small thorn with tweezers. Peel and boil the potatoes without salt. Once boiled remove the water and crushing them with a fork, than leave. Peel and cut the mushrooms into quarter, make wide julienne with the wild mushrooms and the spinach, leave. In a pan put olive oil and mark the fish by th skin, over a high heat 15 seconds, we`ll turn around and put the meato f scallops and shrimps, bake for 3 minutes at 190º. Reheat the Meshed potatoes and put a dash of olive oil SALT and chopped chives.



In anoteher pan saute the mushrooms over high heat and in the last minute put the spinach.


We get the fish from the oven and serve it over spinach and Meshed potatoes, in the same pan we put capers and butter to make the sauce.