The Mediterranean Monk Seal (Monachus Monachus) is one of the ten most endangered species of our planet and as such has the unenviable honour of featuring in the top ten list of most endangered species on the planet.






The adult males live away from the colony, while the females live with their pups in groups distributed across several caves. About 80 to 120 living specimens have been recorded worldwide.

The Mediterranean Seal is mid-sized: at birth it measures between 80-90cm and weighs some 20kg, while adults can reach 3 metres in length and up to 400kg in weight.


A few weeks ago, one such “Vell Marí”, as locals refer to these seals, was spotted off the coast of Mallorca. It has been about fifty years since the last Mediterranean Seal specimen was spotted along our coastline. The Mallorcan Council for the Environment kindly requests that: in the event of a sighting of the “Vell Marí”, please call the emergency line 112 immediately, and please be reminded that it is strictly forbidden to approach closer than 100 metres to this animal.


Thank you for your cooperation and for your contribution to the protection of our fauna and flora.