Green Toad, Bufo viridis balearica

Within Spain, they are found exclusively on the Balearic Islands, having been introduced a long time ago from the islands of Corsica and Sardinia.


They are not found on any of the coastal islets adjacent to Mallorca, Menorca or Ibiza. The abundance of this species has not been quantified.

Green Toad, Bufo viridis balearica



Proximity to freshwater expanses, streams, torrents, troughs, reservoirs, karstic mountain regions, limy ravines, dunes, holm oak groves and occasionally in cultivated fields. New areas have been colonised for breeding, such as golf course lakes.



Green Toad, Bufo viridis balearicaFactors affecting endangered status

– Destruction of breeding sites through urbanisation of land.

– Habitat fragmentation through road building.

– Death by road accident.

– The increase in drilling to extract subterranean water leads to the loss of natural breeding areas.

– Disappearance of wells, reservoirs or troughs, as a result of the decline in agriculture and the modernisation of farming methods.

– Contamination through use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.


Bufo viridis balearica:

– Listed in the National Catalogue of Endangered Species.

Threatened category:

· Special Interest.

· Vulnerable.

Nature: Balearic endemic subspecies.


Green Toad, Bufo viridis balearica

 Green Toad, Bufo viridis balearica