This is a portal for self-diagnosis in PRL (Occupational Health and Safety).
This 2011 the Cabinet of prevention, quality and environment of the CAEB, with funding from the Govern de les Illes Balears and the European Social Fund, presents, platform that allows the company to carry out self-diagnosis or assessment on the management of occupational health and safety in your company.


Similarly, this application offers the possibility to obtain a status report on the prevention of occupational risks (performance, score, level of compliance), used to set goals and plan actions to develop. has a total of six thematic sections, which analyze human resources in the organization of prevention, prevention plan itself, the risk assessment and planning of preventive measures, information, training, and health surveillance.

Each thematic unit consists of a set of questions with several possible answers. Each answer has a score and some associated recommendations. After answering the questions in each block, you get a score indicating the level of legal compliance, as well as recommendations to address the incidents detected.

In conclusion, is an assessment tool of management in Occupational Health and Safety conducted by the company, although neither is a platform for risk assessments, or supersede the concerts with the Prevention Services of Others (SPAs) or regulatory audits.

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