Mallorcan company Embutidos Matas, located in Maria de la Salut, offers tours to tourist groups, who get to sample all their main products (sobrasada, longaniza, butifarra and butifarrón) accompanied by other local delicacies (Mallorcan bread, oil, wine, tomatoes, almonds, olives, etc) and traditional Mallorcan dancing. Manager, Joan Carbonell Matas, explains that the aim is for tourists to relax while eating and drinking.


Embutidos Matas offer two distinctive products: cold meats (camaiot, butifarra, and butifarrones) and peppered sobrasada, both with their own patented recipe. The cold meats are made without blood, a unique feature to this company; this feature increases the product’s shelf life.

No chemical additives are added to their cold meats, just meat and natural spices.


Depending on the time of year, the gourmet sampling is complemented with other local cultural elements, like a walk in a grove with almond trees in full blossom (in the winter), ensaimada liqueur (in spring) or melon, watermelon and trampó – a typical tomato, onion and pepper salad (in the summer). Embutidos Matas date right back to the 20’s. The third generation is now at the helm.



+Info: Embotits artesanals Matas, Mallorca: www.embutidosmatas.com