Emilio de la Camara Mood Beach

We wanted to experience the magic that surrounds the world of salsa and therefore we approach the Mood Beach Club, hosted by the very Spaniard Emilio De La Camara.


We had the pleasure of sitting with Don Emilio and tell us, or rather, we impregnate the fascinating world of salsa. Emilio De La Camara made ​​us realize that the sauce is not only a dance or a dance, is a way of body language, you have to feel the music and let it flow in the form of dance steps. We spread that passion, enthusiasm and dedication, a passion that carries many sacrifices for the number of hours devoted to it, but seeing him dance with his beautiful companion you realize it’s worth. We attended a live salsa class orchestrated by Don Emilio and we could see the passion transmitted by salsa delivered to students.

The conclusion to our visit to the world of salsa is that we were amazed that people not only attends dance classes, but wants to express in a dance all that Mr. Emilio skillfully taught. Emilio De La Camara has made Friday night at Mood Beach Club with a Latin flavor excellent from Más Mallorca congratulations on the great work being done to be even larger if the world of salsa. We encourage everyone who wants to enjoy a great night in Mallorca, which is close to Mood beach club and meet this great artist Emilio De La Camara.