The times that are less conducive to our business of the evening is no secret, however, the public continues to demand new bets that offer variety in their leisure with the highest quality without that trigger prices.



Backstage with this philosophy was born, which opened on Friday September 9. The old Hotel Costa Club and Taboo, in the best location, right in the heart of the night par excellence of Palma, Paseo Maritimo. With a brand new look, the first thing you notice is the location in the window of a large stage and the music, including live music, is one of the highlights of the room. We have the best local and Jaime Anglada performances on the 17th or 24th Wonderbrass but also promise to approach some of the best known names on the national scene as the trap 23 of this month or Coque Malla for 29 October. We will have to be very attentive to schedule Backstage.





Agus Uranga, one of the largest known in the world of entertainment well served and one of four although Backstage partners started opening Friday and Saturday, comment us that hoping to expand soon on Thursdays and daily as needed! He were also confessed some other actions that will combine with the music but he will go ahead as dates are confirmed.

A powerful musical calendar of the most diverse styles: Pop, Rock, Soul, Jazz…from 12 until 2:30 pm, however, does not stop there: at the end of the live … will be transformed into a room where you can still enjoy to 6 with the best commercial music, spaces reserved for your comfort and the best equipment to make your weekend nights the option you’re looking for. You know, whether you like live music or disco with the best atmosphere, if you want to dance all night or prefer to relax in a VIP area carefully, if you want a beer or try one of the fantastic cocktails in the letter now you have a space in Palma. See you soon at Backstage!


Use Sintes (Jefe sección Ocio), Sheila Leon (Reportera), Kico Sarmiento (Fotógrafo)