It’s 11am and in half an hour the buses will arrive, here at Embutidos Matas the final details are coming together. The dining room that seats 157 diners is ready. Finally some blue buses, from the tour operator that smiles, begin to appear and the first groups of tourists get off.


Under the watchful eye of their tour guide, they enter the building and start to queue up at the large buffet table where two enormous red sobrasadas (a traditional Majorcan raw, cured sausage) take centre of stage, surrounded by a selection of longanizas (sausages) cheese, camaiot (cold meat) and butifarrones (Majorcan style black pudding), as well as plenty of bread, tomatoes and oils, with salt, pepper and saffron to taste.

Everything is of the highest quality, and the cold meats are all produced following a patented recipe without using the animals’ blood.


Well supplied, the tourists proceed into the dining room where they accompany their feast with a shot of dark liquid, Mescladís de Matançes, now they can eat and drink in a totally relaxed environment.

Mallorca boasts many paradisiac spots and the show must go on. Where are the off to now? Without a doubt one of the best places to let their food go down: the golden beach at Formentor.


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